BVC 310 liquid bagger


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Weight-accurate with high output.

The continuously operating Form Fill Seal machine BVC 260 Liquid is designed for highest output performance and reaches a high machine efficiency with perfect bag quality.

The product area is strictly separated from the drive area, which ensures that the machine satisfies even the most stringent hygiene demands. In addition, the machines are well accessible and thus can be cleaned quickly and easily. All customary packaging materials can be processed. Depending on the packaging material and the product the BVC 260 Liquid uses different sealing techniques. Due to a special product displacement process almost all products can be packed using a minimum of air. Thus a filling accuracy of +/- 1.5% can be reached.

Best seal quality due to special processes.

BVC machines are equipped with the Sense&Seal function, which detects tiny product particles in the seal area by sensitive electronics. In this case the sealing process and the cutting procedure are interrupted and the sealing jaws are stopped and retracted. The machine produces a double bag that is discharged and automatically restarts the packaging procedure. Thus downtimes for cleaning and manual troubleshooting are reduced to a minimum. The machine efficiency is incr eased significantly and the wear of sealing tools and cutting knives is reduced. For difficult or very sensitive packaging materials the BVC 260 Liquid can be equipped with Premiumseal, the innovative sealing technique. Premiumseal not only optimizes the sealing temperature, the sealing time and the cooling time, but also the sealing power profile. As all sealing parameters can be adjusted individually, highest reproducibility and process reliability are ensured. Influences deriving from packaging material characteristics or process-related peculiarities are taken into account in order to guarantee best possible and high-quality packaging results with different applications.

Technical Data

Nominal output;  up to 120 bags per minute

Sealing Force ; 6000/8000 N

Format area; 50 -310 mm

BVC liquid

Capable of handling all types of liquids, Mac n cheese, mashed potatoes etc.