SBS system


High Flexibility in the bag top design

The highlights

  • Best differentiation of your products at the point of sale
  • Excellent flexibility – wide range of products, various bag styles, 40 different bag top shapes
  • Conveyor filling for break-sensitive products
  • High bag quality as replacement for prefabricated bags
  • Separately driven work stations for fast format changes
  • Maximum machine accessibility due to modular construction
  • Security of investment, as it can be extended flexibly
  • New modular hygiene design with different bag top shapes
  • Intuitive, easily understandable operation, user interface with graphic support in national language

Technical Data


                                SBS 250 Single                                                    SBS 250 Twin

                                    1 VFFS                                                                     2 VFFS

Format area            up to 260 mm*                                                 up to 260 mm*                                  Output                     up to 95 bags/min                                           up to to 160 bags/min

Filling volume        up to 4000 cm3                                                up to 4000 cm3

* Larger formats are available upon request Subject to technical changes.
Performance data is dependent on product, packaging material and bag top shapes.



Rovema SBS 250 Twin packing coffee beans



Rovema Solution: rice and pulses in block bottom bags and wraparound cases



ROVEMA SBS 250 TWIN packing pasta at 160/min



ROVEMA SBS 250 Powder producing paper brick packs from the flat film web