Welcome to Anypack Packaging Machinery Inc.

Welcome to Anypack Packaging Machinery Inc.

Welcome to Anypack Packaging Machinery Inc.Welcome to Anypack Packaging Machinery Inc.Welcome to Anypack Packaging Machinery Inc.

Our products

  • Vertical and Horizontal Form fill and seal                                                     
  • Pre-made pouch machines (fill and seal)
  • Horizontal wrappers
  • Inspection equipment
  • Cartoners
  • Case packing 
  • Case erectors and closers
  • Palletizers
  • Liquid fillers, cappers and labelers
  • Process equipment
  • Turnkey systems
  • Technical advice and consulting 

Spotlight on ROVEMA Liquid packaging

If you are presently packaging liquids in pails, cans or other rigid containers you may want to save money by using a liquid bagger. 

Have a look under Vertical Form Fill and Seal for more information.

About Us

Celebrating over 28 years

Anypack Packaging Machinery Inc. was formed by Bill Jeffery in 1991. With over 40 years of experience in the supply of Packaging Machinery, Bill has amassed a group of manufacturers that not only make robust and efficient machines, but also surpass the customers needs and requirements. Anypack has installed and serviced millions of dollars worth of equipment. The manufacturers that Anypack represents furnish strong after sales service and  parts.

Since it's formation, the territory covered by Anypack has expanded from Western Canada to include all of Canada. Whether it is a single machine or a complete turnkey installation, the success of our customers is a testament to Anypack's longevity in this industry.


Bill Jeffery started his Packaging Machinery career in 1979 with the Jeffery Group. In 1983 he ventured to New Jersey to create JM Packaging Machinery selling pharmaceutical equipment including cartoners. In 1989 he returned to Canada to establish The Jeffery Group (Packaging Machinery Division) in Western Canada. In 1991 he established Anypack Packaging Machinery Inc.

Mission Statement

To supply the appropriate piece of equipment for the application Which will ensure the success of our customers. 

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