A Canadian manufacturer of horizontal wrappers. From entry level to high speed wrappers for bakery, confectionery and other flow wrapped packages. Reasonable price without sacrificing quality. Incredible follow up with service and completion of the project. 



The ARTY75H is a versatile, low maintenance, horizontal flow wrapper for pillow type applications and offers hi value for the dollar.

The ARTY75H is perfectly suited for the use of child resistant films up to 4 mil. in thickness.

The end users are small and medium corporations in the following industries:

  • Nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and all specialized bakeries, bread, pastries and snacks
  • Specialized cookie manufactures
  • Specialized confectionery manufacturers

Higher speeds than the industry standards. Single jaw: 125 CPM, double jaw: 180 CPM, quadruple jaws: 360 CPM.
Low energy consumption: A single jaw machine uses only 1.3 KW per hour.
No tools and no special skills are needed for set up.
No change parts needed from one application to another by using an adjustable forming box and telescopic side rails.
Quick change over made possible by using a self-centering reel holder.
Maintenance free drive system using a 3 phases AC motor and variable speed AC drive.
Easy cleaning, all parts in contact with the product are removable without tools and are made from stainless steel #304.
Low maintenance, permanent lubricated gearbox with synthetic oil, mercury rotary switches instead of slip rings and brushes, self-lubricating bearings everywhere it this is possible.
Mobility, the machine can be equipped with four castors and four legs.
All parts and components are sourced in North America.



With the Quad jaw option the ARTY75H becomes a very efficient Candy packaging system.

Up to 360 candies individualy wraped per minute in plain or printed film with the photocell option.

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