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Kraken Automation is a creative and innovative packaging automation systems developer and integrator.

Since its inception, Kraken has taken on and solved some of the most difficult packaging automation challenges in the process manufacturing industry. The company has developed a well-earned reputation as a problem solver, able to deliver solutions that meet performance and reliability goals without compromising safety standards.

Kraken works with both large-multinationals and mid-sized manufacturers globally. 

Over the years, Kraken Automation has developed “turnkey” technologies that significantly reduce the time and risk associated with building customized packaging automation solutions. Kraken uses its extensive experience and intellectual property to create tried and proven systems that can be configured and programmed to meet the requirements of any packaging application.

We are proud to be one of the only SOLIDWORKS certified companies in Burlington, demonstrating our extensive experience using 3D design software. 

Examples of Kraken's off-the shelf technology are:


Kraken Automation has a team of highly skilled engineers, hardware and software technicians and project managers that are capable of designing, building and implementing the most complex process automation systems.

Kraken automation is driven to excellence by its unwavering adherence to its core principles:


Solve Problems

Kraken has a unique ability to identify and implement the best possible solutions to optimize packaging automation production performance.

Pay Attention to Detail

Always cast a critical eye on uncovering improvement opportunities that have a positive impact on productivity. Kraken scratches below the surface.

Use a Fact-Based, Data-Driven Approach

Based on extensive R&D, past experiences, prototyping, and its library of turnkey technologies, Kraken develops the best possible answers for each unique packaging automation challenge. Everything then gets evaluated against stated KPI’s.

Focus on Results

Design, build, test, and implement “end to end” customized solutions that meet or exceed performance and safety standards in the real-world, over the long-term. That’s how Kraken measures success.


Jantz Canada – Automating The World We Live In

                        Food Material Handling   •  Robotic Palletizing  •  Conveying

Jantz Canada is a systems solution provider and machinery integrator serving Canada, the US and abroad. We build the highest quality machinery, conveyor systems and robotics with our niche focus being the food industry.

Our Research and Development Team are experts at finding solutions for challenges. From conceptualization to prototyping to production to installation, Jantz Canada combines innovative thinking with leading edge technology to deliver efficient, reliable and cost-effective machinery.

Whether you need a complete turn-key system or a one-off machine, we have the experience, creativity and team resources to meet and surpass your requirements, on-time and on-budget.



Auger fillers, Cup fillers, checkweighers and rotary fillers


Specialize in the design and manufacture of piston fillers, depositors and liquid filling systems to meet specific product requirements. Also manufacture rotary cup filler/sealer for salsa, sauces etc.